CIPR-100-250 NG/LP/Biogas Generators

Gas Power Generation.

Equipment that was made to perform at scale to serve your project.

Modern Control System

High-performance automation with integrated digital control.  Remote control and monitoring ready from new

Lower Operating Costs

Lower cost of energy vs. diesel-powered equipment allows for tangible savings during operation


Heavy Duty Enclosure

Designed for the rigors of mobile operations - designed to move from site to site with ease

Power Flexibility

Control system designed to perform and provide high quality power generation 

Lower Emissions

Propane and Natural Gas offer greenhouse gas reductions ranging from 10-30% over diesel

Product outline

  • Portable gaseous fuel power generator

  • An integrated power distribution system for quick and simple connections


  • High thermal efficiency system design

  • Ultra-quiet operation in even the most demanding applications

  • Lower cost and emissions from a gas fuel source

Key Features

  • Electric cooling fan for optimal cooling in all ambient temperatures 

Custom applications are our specialty we have a diverse range of product development and engineering capabilities, what does your applicaiton require? How can we create solutions that provide performance, efficiency, and long-term operation?

We provide equipment designed and engineered for true mobility. The Eco Power Equipment CIPR range has been designed to provide on-demand power generation in a variety of markets and engineered to provide application flexibility to allow simple use of greener, cheaper natural gas, or propane energy as straightforward as traditional diesel.

We focus on fuel efficiency, operating costs, reliable service, constant uptime, and design redundancy. How can we create the highest efficiency, high-performance solution?


Commercial Construction


Industrial Construction

Mobile Power Generation