SBP-1200 NEMA 3R Camlock Panel


Compact high power portability.

Product outline

  • Highly portable panel board to provide fast, effective, and safe power distribution.


  • Compact design for quick deployment and use

  • Bus bar internal design for a clean panel that is easy to check torque and deploy

Key Features

  • Lockable voltage selector switch for integrated E stop shunt trip 

The highly configurable design allows customers to add or remove receptacles as required for specific job requirements - our units have galvanized plates that will enable custom modifications in a snap.

Designed for a quick deployment for your applicaiton. 

Adjustable MCCB

Electronic Trip to 0.4 of rated capacity to easily configure the unit for multiple applications with patented arc extinguishing design

Gland Style Design

Easily reconfigure the unit to your specific requirement with multiple devices or hardwire cutout configurations or use our galvanized steel plate starter - 1/8” thick metal for long term reliability

Engineered Lift Point

Central single point lifting bail engineered with SME BTH-1 and B3.20 for Below-The-Hook Lifting Device

Cam Lock Inlet

Hubbell Brand quality components for long  term use performance

External Bonding

Mechanical lug on the outside of the unit to allow quick and easy bonding on location


Shutdowns and plant turnarounds

General construction

Commercial construction

Events and Festivals

Industrial facilities and operations

E Stop Shunt

Adjustable voltage selector switch for individual application, lockout switch, and shunt trip E stop control

Designed with features to be configurable to your requirements.

We create integrated power distribution systems to allow quick, safe, and effective temporary power system deployments. Eco Power Equipment manufactures and distributes a wide variety of three-phase and single-phase portable power distribution systems.


Standard Fork Pockets

This unit has been designed to accommodate the most common pallet jack or standard 5000 lbs forklift size.

Flat Free Tires

The flat-free tires provide long-term performance with little to no maintenance required in most conditions.

Smart Internal Layout

1. Neutral connection on each side

2. Ground connection on each side

3. High-quality internal components

4. Bus bar design to reduce size and weight