Intent: The Eco Power Public Defender provides centralized, large scale hand washing capacity for temporary handwashing stations. Designed for large scale operations where the unit sees near-constant use.   Ideal for construction, events, facility entrances, and operations that require the ability to quickly and easily deploy temporary hand washing solutions.

Built-in freshwater supply and grey water storage allow the unit to be completely maintenance-free during the duration of its deployment.

Temporary Hand Washing Station

High-performance automation with a set and forget design that self manages fresh and greywater, water heating and tools to wash your hands to health guidelines. 

The rugged steel construction makes for a robust product that is capable of the service required in the construction and industrial markets.  Easy to load and position on location.  The Eco Power Public Defender has been made for portability; our unit can be easily transported and delivered to customers.

Hot Water, On Demand
  • Most health authorities recommend the use of warm water in the handwashing procedure for optimal conditions

  • Plug and play type design

  • Optional timing system to provide better indication of recommend timing for process

Reliable Design
  • Integrated fresh and grey water storage tanks

  • External quick connection points

  • Unit is capable of self-contained operation with external connections - the only hand washing station capable to wash at scale for operations with more people

Touchless Design
  • All operations happen without having to touch the unit to limit contamination opportunities

  • Optional drying technology, paper towel dispenser or powered air dryer

  • Water, Soap and Dryer are all touchless operation

Fast Deployment
  • Forklift pockets on all sides

  • Simple and easy to strap or chain down for transportation

  • Pocket spacing sized for more common pallet jack - drop it off the truck or back up to a loading dock and come straight off with a pallet jack

In the past two weeks, our company has been developing technology in need to create real solutions to problems in our industry.  Our site support equipment portfolio never had plans to produce mobile wash stations - but we recognized an opportunity for improved site health safety. 

The fact is construction and industrial activities make up an enormous amount of national GDP. We need to restart our industry, we need to do it safely and we need to protect our workers and people.

The current pandemic has challenged all of us with new normals and realities. 

How are you going to protect your job site when we restart? How will PPE requirements change in this new world?
​What innovations need to happen?  

We are here to help.

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