EHV High Temperature Ducting

High performance with a value-priced option

High-performance materials for temporary heating applications.

Flexible Structure

Internal coil keeps the ducting supported at a

variety of angles and turns

Stainless Steel

Pin lock system for long term performance

and tight sealing to reduce air leakage

Silicone Fibreglass

Performance in a range of temperatures, high heat capabilities on connection side

Helical Coil

Sewn-in wire support keeps duct supported and

reduces back-pressure for heating systems.

EVH product line has a loose helical coil.

Clear Labeling

Color-coded to differentiate diameter, length

and flow direction


Indirect fired heaters

Blowers and fans

Dessicant Dehumidifers

Product outline

  • Our EHV PInlock ducting works with all common brands of indirect construction heaters with pin lock


  • Low cost per unit, multi-season capability 

Key Features

  • Stainless steel pin lock connection ring

  • High-temperature rating silicone fiberglass starter section


Built to an exacting quality standard, these ducts are designed and constructed to provide long-term fleet performance and can be customized for your brand.

Eco Power ducting is fabricated from premium FR rated material

that has been selected to provide performance in both cold and hot

temperatures. Letting you set up the ducting on the coldest day,

and running high-temperature rise heaters, including indirect and

flameless heating systems.

Designed with features to be configurable to your requirements.

We create integrated power distribution systems to allow quick, safe, and effective temporary power system deployments. Eco Power Equipment manufactures and distributes a wide variety of three-phase and single-phase portable power distribution systems.

Premium Design

This unit has been designed to accommodate the most common indirect fired heaters in the market


Helicoil Type Design

Optimize air flow to get the highest possible efficiency from your temporary heating system 


Branding Options

Custom Color: We now have available the option for ordering colored ducting. This allows clients to address their needs for high visibility requirement, differentiate between specific jobs or sites, and to ensure that any branding is recognizable at a glance.