Throughout the construction process, we set the goal to provide temporary equipment that can control temperature, humidity, and air quality during the construction phase.


A strong IAQ (indoor air quality) plan can help modern construction deliver the highest product quality for building owners and meet compliance requirements for LEED green building products.


The requirements of modern construction and industrial processes, as well as more stringent IAQ standards, have resulted in an increased demand for effective control of both industrial and commercial indoor spaces.


To systematically manage indoor air quality through the various phases of the construction process to provide an ideal curing environment for construction materials, and reduce potential schedule impacts.


Controlling air quality during construction can dramatically increase project efficiency while delivering the highest quality finished product to building ownership.

Reduce deficiencies: Maintain temp and humidity to reduce expansion and contraction of building materials, drive down related deficiencies.

Protect sensitive mill-work, by controlling humidity line with AWMAC (Architectural woodwork manufacturers association of Canada) specs.

Create the ideal curing environment: drywall mud, mortars, coatings, and building materials cure on-site, on-time, as specified

Create an ideal curing environment for concrete, and concrete coatings. Reduce the use of permeable moisture barriers and reduce time/cost.

Provide workers with an optimal work environment to create a safe, productive job site.

Intent: The IAQH 1800 provides centralized, large scale heating capacity. For large scale construction with larger cubic volumes. Ideal for hospital, high rise, big-box store, distribution centers, wood frame multi-family low rise, and other applications. 

The IAQH-1800 is capable of heating large spaces and creating a temporary environment that controls temperature and humidity reduction via heated make up air.

The ability to utilize a single or reduced number of larger heaters to heat entire spaces reduces the total cost of projects, making for a leaner construction environment based on reducing fuel burn, ideal construction temperature, and humidity. 

Our modulating type design means you have the horsepower for high output heating but can modulate down to 150,000 BTU. We have limited burner cycling, and our control system brings unparalleled uptime, even in -40C conditions.

We can provide constant pressurization and utilize several automatic makeup air strategies depending on locations, altitude and ambient conditions.

We can control temperature and humidity better and provide even distribution through space.

Fan Array System
Integrated Make Up
Advanced Control
Telematic Enabled
  • Backward inclined high output blower system that provides variable fan speed control

  • Multiple fans increase system redundancy and provide the opportunity for more efficiency fan operation

  • Get the air volume where you need it, our fans add up to the equivalent of a  4+ foot diameter impellar 

  • High efficiency  variable BTU stainless heat exchanger allows for recirculating inside air to be heated, and providing an automated makeup air louver allows you to provide up to 60% makeup air to allow the introduction of fresh, filtered, tempered air from the outside.

  • Modern digital control systems

  • Programmed for optimal monitoring and control of all aspects of machine operation

  • Centralized reporting and access to error reports

  • Global cellular-based remote monitoring and control system

  • Location mapping

  • Real-time operating data

  • Remote control and testing

  • Viewed on any computer, smartphone or tablet


IAQ Control.

During construction phase.

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