Designed for temporary indoor air quality control

Product outline

  • Dashboard for equipment and applicaiton monitoring 


  • Manage and log temperature and humidity levels  on-site during the construction phase

  • Optimize construction process for speed and quality 

  • Manage uptime for critical applications

  • Fleet management 

Key Features

  • Cellular based connection

  • Two-way communication, control remote temperature and humidity goals 


The IAQ Cloud has been designed to empower Eco Power Dealers to provide end-user solutions at scale.  Remote management and fault protection allow for a new vision into managing equipment operations and performance. 

It's not enough to provide great equipment; application performance monitoring and advanced two way equipment communication is key. 

Cloud Monitoring

Integrate a range of smart sensors to provide, record and monitor additional resources

LEED Compliant Reporting

Develop IAQ control plan within our application to support credit 3.2, including a documented IAQA flush-out in compliance with the standard.  Turnover buildings with lower VOCs and higher quality, protect construction schedules

Advanced Sensors

Readout and monitor inlet gas pressure and power voltage on the digital readout, logging of both conditions during operation for advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting


Commercial Construction

Schools and Universities

Distribution Centres

Production Centres

High Rise Buildings

Hospitals and Health Care


Industrial Applications


Designed to benefit the application with the best possible solution

The IAQH-1800 is capable of heating large spaces and creating a temporary environment that controls temperature and humidity reduction via heated make up air.


Environmental Sensors 

Ready for commercial installations our mobile sensors provide temperature, humidity, air quality, light, environmental noise, motion detection, earthquake detection, and atmospheric pressure. 

Remote Command and Control

Optimize the control system for your application.  Goals and needs during construction phases change, a one size fits all approach won't be optimized to each application. 

Technical Excellence

1. Understand faults and failures

2.  Get predictive information to forecast issues before they happen

3.  Automation for alarming and alerts for proactive inspection and field tech review