Designed for large-scale construction.

Product outline

  • Portable high BTU output indirect-fired heater

  • High air volume fan array system for extensive space control


  • Constant ignition for most project types

  • Reduce the number of units required per site

Key Features

  • Filtered make-up air system compliant with the most stringent construction standards.

The IAQH 2500 provides a centralized, large-scale heating capacity. For large-scale construction with larger cubic volumes. Ideal for hospital, high rise, big-box store, distribution centers, wood frame multi-family low rise, and other applications.

Equipment that was made to perform at scale to serve the largest projects.

Integrated make up air

Automated make up air louver adds makeup air to ensure the building is pressurized and to stimulate air distribution

Advanced Sensors

Readout and monitor inlet gas pressure and power voltage on the digital readout, logging of both conditions during operation for advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting

Fan Array System

Fan Array System

Backward inclined high output blower system that provides variable fan speed control.

Variable BTU

Variable BTU

Our modern burner design allows full 12:1 modulation for high performance in all operating conditions.

Our system is designed to the variability of the real world

Power Flexibility

Control system designed to perform in low and high voltage conditions, we condition all our control power to increase reliability

Modern Control System

High-performance automation with integrated modem with one year service from the factory.  Remote control and monitoring, notifications, and heating management.


Commercial Construction

Schools and Universities

Distribution Centres

Production Centres

High Rise Buildings

Hospitals and Health Care


Designed to benefit the application with the best possible solution

The IAQH-1800 is capable of heating large spaces and creating a temporary environment that controls temperature and humidity reduction via heated make up air.


Design Efficiency 

Our modulating type design means you have the horsepower for high output heating but can modulate down to 150,000 BTU. We have limited burner cycling, and our control system brings unparalleled uptime, even in -40C conditions.


High Air Volumes

High output fan systems allow for complete airflow control in most applications.  Mixing return and fresh filtered makeup air to provide the optimal air distribution on your project site.


Smart Control

1. Application performance monitoring

2 Fault and alarm condition alerts

3. Remote reset where allowed by juristication