We provide equipment designed and engineered for true mobility.  The Eco Power Equipment  CIPR range has been designed to provide on-demand power generation in various markets and engineered to provide application flexibility to allow simple use of greener, cheaper natural gas or propane energy as straightforward as traditional diesel.

We focus on fuel efficiency, operating costs, reliable service, constant uptime, and design redundancy. How can we create the highest efficiency, high-performance solution? 

Our equipment is EPA and Environment Canada compliant for the latest generation emissions for Natural Gas, Propane Gas, and Wellhead gas solutions. 

Prime Rated Gaseous Power Generation

Power Distribution
  • Customize onboard power distribution to your application

  • Turnkey complete temporary distribution panels designed to plug and play

  • Dedicated or switchable voltage designs up to 600v

  • 50 HZ and global voltages

Advanced Controls
  • Modern digital control systems

  • Programmed for optimal monitoring and control of all aspects of machine operation

  • Synchronizing control systems

  • Smart control that's simple to operate

Customized Applications
  • What's important about your application?  How should the equipment be set up to optimize your operation?

  • We partner with our customers to understand and optimize solutions.

  • What is important about your application and market?

Telematic Enabled
  • Global cellular-based remote monitoring and control system

  • Location mapping

  • Real-time operating data from engine and power system

  • Remote control and testing

  • Viewed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet

CIPR Range Gas Fuel Prime Power: NG/LP/Biogas


15kW Prime Rated NG/LP


72kW Prime Rated NG/LP

25kW Prime Rated NG/LP


100kW Prime Rated NG/LP


45kW Prime Rated NG/LP

150-250kW Prime Rated NG/LP