SBP-15 Transformer Panel - 480/600v

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Product outline

  • Integrated transformer with a lockable selector switch to provide 120/208v three-phase power from 480 or 600v power

  • Configurable outlet glands to accommodate most types of common plugs: straight blade, twist locks, or pin and sleeve type connectors 


  • Compact design for quick deployment and use

  • Great for industrial maintenance and plant turnaround applications   

Key Features

  • Primary and secondary transformer protection provided

  • Selectable switch

  • Square D Panelboard that accepts QOB breakers


Shutdowns and plant turnarounds

Industrial facilities and operations


Square D Panel

Commonly available in most markets, our 225 A panelboard utilized Schneider Square D panel with type QOB breakers for quick and easy configuration

Gland Style Design

Easily reconfigure the unit to your specific requirement, including most receptacle types: straight blade, twist lock, pin and sleeve type.