Our stadium towers are made for a very specific purpose—to deliver your requirement for continuous illumination in large scale lighting applications. 



Stadium towers are the ideal solutions for large or complex area lighting of taller objects.  


This is what sets our light tower and products apart from other competing name brands on the market.  We offer a winch-less design that requires no guide wires or cables, advanced LED lighting fixtures, and robust trailer for true mobility.



Our portable light towers feature 16 x 600-watt LED lights that produce 1.25 million lumens of light. It features a mast that telescopes 65 feet with a supporting trailer to create a mobile solution.


Smart control systems allow for automated starting and stopping of engines and lighting package

Mobile Stadium Lighting Solutions

Power Distribution
  • Dynamic control system with an integrated power distribution system for external load connections

Extended Service
  • Deep sump technology with 2000 hour oil change interval reduces in field maintenance requirements

Powerful Lighting
  • Powerful LED lighting system provides high area coverage with good light distribution - white colour temperature increases durability 

Feature Rich
High Wind Rating
  • Heavy duty fold out outrigger systems provides quick setup and robust 

  • Max Wind Speeds:

  • 114 kph (71 mph) @ Max Height
    151 kph (93 mph) @ Mid-Height