that perform.

We utilize the latest technology to achieve industry-leading performance - while keeping things simple — site support equipment solutions that bring value. 


Gas Power Generation

Our range of super-silenced, 1500 or 1800RPM, gaseous fuel water-cooled generating sets ranging in size from 15 kW to 1400 kW.


Designed for stationary or portable rental applications - Our commitment is to develop the highest quality equipment to provide real-world solutions for demanding applications.

We utilize a durable, fuel-flexible, emission-conscious engines that don’t compromise power or performance.

Temp Power Distribution

We create integrated power distribution systems to allow for quick, safe, and effective temporary power system deployments. 

Eco Power Equipment manufactures and distributes a wide variety of three-phase and single-phase portable power distribution systems.

Our range includes skid or dolly cart mounted distribution panels with optional integrated transformers, designed to provide capable and safe power distribution in rugged environments.

Indoor Air Quality Control

Our units provide centralized, large scale heating capacity. For large scale construction with larger cubic volumes. Ideal for hospital, high rise, big-box stores, distribution centers, wood frame multi-family low rise, and other applications. 

Our units are capable of heating large spaces and creating a temporary environment that controls temperature and humidity.

The ability to utilize a single or reduced number of larger heaters to heat entire spaces reduces the total cost of projects.  Smart solutions for lean operations.

Temporary Ducting

 Built to an exacting quality standard, these ducts are designed and constructed to provide long term fleet performance. 

 Eco Power ducting is fabricated from premium FR rated material that has been selected to provide performance in both cold and hot temperatures. Letting you set up the ducting on the coldest day, and running high-temperature rise heaters, including indirect and flameless heating systems. 

Hand Wash Station

The Eco Power Public Defender provides centralized, large scale hand washing capacity for temporary handwashing stations. Designed for large scale operations where the unit sees near-constant use.   Ideal for construction, events, facility entrances, and operations that require the ability to quickly and easily deploy temporary hand washing solutions.

Built-in freshwater supply and grey water storage allow the unit to be completely maintenance-free during the duration of its deployment.

Our goal is to provide solutions that allow our construction and industrial work force to get back to work as safely as possible.

Stadium Light Towers

Our stadium towers are produced for a very specific purpose—to deliver your requirement for continuous illumination in large scale lighting applications. 


Stadium towers are the ideal solutions for large or complex area lighting of taller objects.  

Our portable light towers feature 16 x 1000-watt LED lights that produce 1.25 million lumens of light.


About Us

Our philosophy is designed for a modern era.  Our focus is placed on integrating modern, next-level solutions to create a real impact on our customer's operations through several key elements.


Operating Efficiencies:


  • Create lean operations through fuel and operating expense reductions. 

  • Supporting and complementing manpower with technology

  • Long-term uptime and performance


Emissions Reduction :

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

  • Minimize carbon footprint


Smart Equipment

  • Advanced modern control systems that automated and compliment manpower to deliver outstanding results.  

  • Simple to operate no matter how advanced

Eco Power Equipment Ltd.

#8, 26004 Township Road 544

Sturgeon County, AB, T8T 0B6



Direct: 1-833-249-2417

Eco Power Equipment Ltd.

#8, 26004 Township Road 544

Sturgeon County, AB, T8T 0B6


Direct: 1-833-249-2417