Power Distribution

Power distribution that is advanced and code compliant

Our power distribution systems are for use in temporary or mobile construction, industrial, energy, special event and other indoor or outdoor applications. We offer a range of prebuilt and custom-designed mobile panels. These systems are often sold in conjunction with our power generation systems to provide customers with turnkey power generation and temporary power distribution solutions to electrify any project.

  • Our approach to power makes it as safe and straightforward as possible. We utilize only listed and certified components of high quality in our products.
  • Eco Power Equipment is part of the UL508A and CSA C22.2 No. 14 Panel Shop Program and undergoes regular audits of our facility to ensure the highest quality electrical products - we have several product-specific listings to support compliance across North America for our products 
  • Our highly configurable design allows customers to add or remove receptacles and deploy systems for a multitude of applications and projects.

Providing the equipment required to supply power when and where it is required, in a quick, simple, and safe manner.

Panelboard Distribution



Tabletop power distribution, 208V Three Phase or 240V Single Phase Coniguartions: 225A Capacity

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Tabletop power panel, 600V Three Phase, 250 Amp Rating

Disconnect Panels



1200 Amp Disconnect Panel, UL489 MCCB, Adjustable to 0.4 for application flexibility and easy use

Transformer Panels: 480/600V to 120/208V 3Ø 



Highly portable 15 kVa panels designed to support industrial shutdown activities - our mill panel...

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45 kVa 480/600v to 120/208V Three Phaser Transformer Panel with integrated distribution

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75 kVa 480/600v to 120/208V Three Phaser Transformer Panel with integrated distribution

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150 kVa 480/600v to 120/208V Three Phaser Transformer Panel with integrated distribution

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300 kVa 480/600v to 120/208V Three Phaser Transformer Panel with integrated distribution


Customized Equipment

Purpose-built for your application.

Our SPB transformer packages are an ideal approach to provide lean site power distribution when using 480v or 600v supply voltages as the power source. It is simple to set up a temporary power system that can run on generator power for a short period of time before switching to utility power. Having a discrete temporary power supply has numerous advantages, and it ensures that projects get off to a good start and are prepared for all stages.

  • Manage and distribute power in higher voltage to reduce wiring size and cost
  • Switchable between 480v and 600v with a lockable faceplate
  • All machines designed for compliance with Canada and USA for transformer protection - turn key deployment and use
A PassT

Smart Power Inlet System

Camlock or hard wire inlet pair well with the ability split off primary power to feed additional sub-panel or pass-through high voltage to multiple transformer panels to quickly deploy over large job sites quickly and easily.  60 or 100 amp pin and sleeve plugs are our most common setups.

B Lifting Bail

Portable Design

Storage and transportation to and from the site are a simple, low centre of gravity with fork pockets and engineered lifting points

C Gland Panel

Eco Power Standard Gland Ready

Designed to be quickly and easily reconfigured and support a wide range of receptacles and complex wire-out strategies.  Aluminum and galvanized or gland types are available. 
D Panel Board

Integrated Panelboard

Our standard product uses Schneider Square D panel boards and provides quality, code-compliant power distribution. 

E Hard Wire

Hard Wire Ready

Multiple inlet points on both sides of the transformer are ready to accept appropriately rated connectors (EG. Teck Connector) and easy to access primary and secondary power distribution to support your application. 

The future is electric, but getting power where you need it can be a challenge. Our product family has been designed for simple plug-and-play setup and operation to enable lean power distribution.

Power Distribution Gland Options


Made to be flexible

Common power distribution gland types

It is our goal to develop a highly portable panel board that can be connected to a complete power system to deliver rapid and reliable power distribution while also being safe and secure. The highly configurable design allows customers to add or remove receptacles as required for specific job requirements - our units have galvanized or aluminum plates that will enable custom modifications like the addition of strain reliefs or teck-type connectors. Using a single gland configuration type across our whole portfolio, our clients can easily select and design their panels with the most popular distribution types from our standard configurations, saving time and money. We also work with custom configurations with practically any conventional receptacle type available, and we are happy to build to your requirement.

  • Designed with common sized system glands to allow for updates and changes between deployments
  • Appropriate for use indoors or outdoors
  • Small and portable configuration
  • Weatherproof covers make transportation and tough conditions doable 
  • We've devised a production strategy that allows us to swiftly and efficiently produce glands in response to customer demand