Eco Power Equipment

Ultra-portable and quiet power generation.


Portable gaseous fuel power generator with an integrated power distribution system for quick and simple connections

  • Lower cost and emissions from a gas fuel source
  • Based on a proven automotive engine platform and fuel system. Modern gaseous fuel delivery system with simple-to-use external connections for simple and reliable setup and commissioning.
  • High-performance automation with integrated digital control. Remote control and monitoring are ready from new
Unit Specification Detail
LP Standby Power 33 kVa, 26 kW
LP Prime Power 30 kVa, 24 kW
NG Standby Power 31 kVa, 23 kW
NG Prime Power 29 kVa, 20 kW
Power Distribution • 4 x 120v GFCI, 20 Amp Duplex
• 2 x 125/250v 30 Amp twistlock
• 2 x 125/250v 50 amp twistlock
• Hard Wire Lugs with shunt trip controlled door

CIPR-25K Spec Sheet

A heavy-duty diesel engine is used to build this block, which ensures long-term dependability and performance.


Natural Gas and Propane Reduce Emissions output over diesel

Lower cost of energy vs. diesel-powered equipment allows for tangible savings during operation

On an energy equivalent basis, natural gas emits 30% less CO2, 90% less carbon monoxide, 95% less nitrogen dioxide, 90% less particulate matter, and 99% less sulphur dioxide than diesel.

Natural gas and propane are well-positioned for the future.  The lower cost of energy vs. diesel-powered equipment allows for tangible savings during operation.  These fuels can provide a great first step into a low emissions future


Proven Industrial Engine Design

  • Customize onboard power distribution to your application
  • Turnkey complete temporary distribution panels designed to plug and play
  • Dedicated voltage design in 120/208V three phase for standard models - optional voltages and frequencies are available 
  • Ideal for small power deployments and applications like powering early-stage job sites and job trailers, construction site power requirements, mobile heaters, etc