Power Generation

Prime Rated Gaseous Power Generation

We provide equipment designed and engineered for true mobility.  The Eco Power Equipment  CIPR range has been designed to provide on-demand power generation in various markets.  Engineered to provide application flexibility to allow simple use of greener, cheaper natural gas or propane energy as straightforward as traditional diesel. 

Our equipment is EPA and Environment Canada compliant for the latest generation emissions for Natural Gas, Propane Gas, and wellhead gas solutions.

  • Customize onboard power distribution to your application
  • Standard product designs and customized solutions
  • Telematic ready out of the box  
We focus on fuel efficiency, operating costs, reliable service, constant uptime, and design redundancy. How can we create the highest efficiency, high-performance solution? 
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Ideal for smaller jobs, 15kw prime-rated mobile generator

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Prime 25kW Rated mobile power generation ideal for construction.

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High output power in a small footprint, 45 kW with voltage selector switch

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Highly portable 76kW prime-rated package perfect for industrial work

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Prime rated 100kW open-frame design for use to power stationery and mobile equipment.

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Prime rated open-frame design for stationary and mobile applications.

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Prime 250kW Rated mobile generator with synchronizing capabilities.

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CIPR-250W Synchronizing Setup

Synchronizing Power Systems

Standard Equipment on CIPR-50 and larger

With the help of our SBP Disconnect series, you can bring the power of synchronizing power systems to the table. Synchronizing generators are most effective when utilized in conjunction with full power rated protection and a correctly rated common bus, even when the generators are operating under a run hour equalization or standby fault protection type operating scheme.

  • Connect up to 32 units into a single power system
  • Program automatic change over and redundancy
  • Run hour equalization programs to work all units evenly

Customized Equipment

Purpose-built for your application.

What is the most crucial aspect of your application? How should your equipment be set up to maximize efficiency? We collaborate with our clients to understand and improve solutions.

  • Modern digital control systems
  • Programmed for optimal monitoring and protection and control of all machine operations
  • Easy to understand and operate, low training requirements for users

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