What is the best fossil fuel choice for power generation?

Compared to diesel-powered alternatives, propane and natural gas are more cost-effective sources of energy. Create power at a lower cost and contribute to the development of a sustainable energy future. Using EcoPower generators, you may achieve optimal operating conditions that cut fuel costs while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If you compare propane to diesel, the CO2 emissions are decreased by approximately 10%, and natural gas emissions are reduced by more than 20%. This provides an advantage in terms of cutting emissions and taking a significant step forward toward a greener future.

How do synchronizing generators work?

Generator synchronization is the process of synchronizing the parameters of a mobile generator with the properties of a healthy or operational power system, including voltage, frequency, phase angle, phase sequence, and waveform. The short answer is that synchronizing generators can be used to create a single power system by synchronizing their output. In the case of our CIPR-250W units, two of them can be combined to form a single 500kW power system.  Up 32 units can be connected to a single power system.

Why should we use construction site heating?

Building materials cure properly when the construction environment is controlled in accordance with permanent building specifications. Changes in humidity and temperature during the curing process result in the expansion and contraction of building materials, which can result in deficiencies in the finishing process if the construction environment is not controlled. Temperature and humidity changes can have a significant impact on high-end finishes such as millwork, flooring, and wood products, among other things.

Did you know that improvements in air quality during construction lead to significant increases in worker productivity?

The employees who carried out their tasks in the green environment performed around 60% better in cognitive tasks

Better air quality translates to fewer pollutants in the air and more oxygen. Improved oxygen flow to the brain results in better cognitive performance, while symptoms of oxygen deprivation include a decline in cognition.

How can we set up code-compliant power distribution?

We provide a comprehensive range of power distribution equipment and cables that enable us to deliver turn-key site electrification. The foundation of our system is based on CSA, UL, ANSI, and NEMA standards, which ensures compliance in the majority of North American regions, including Canada. Electrifying your project site fast and effortlessly is one of the most effective strategies to ensure lean operations on the job site, while also providing subcontractors with the tools they require to complete the task on time and safely. 

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